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Bloke & Co.

Bloke & Co Luxe Face Cloth

Bloke & Co Luxe Face Cloth

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When is a face cloth not just a face cloth?

When it's a luxurious, 100% cotton washcloth from Bloke & Co.

Never mind Mum's floral flannel. You're putting in the hard yards with your skincare with our premium products, so why not complete the routine with one of these blokey cloths? 

Nothing feels more fresh than washing the day away with our Face Wash followed with our Luxe Bloke & Co Face Cloth. If you wanted to up the basic routine you could end with some Moisturiser!

These Luxe Cloths are the perfect finishing touch to add to a gift, these look great in our sleek gift packaging, you will find them in some of our gift packs already!


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