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Bloke & Co

Face Wash

Face Wash

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250ML Face Wash


Bloke & Co have hand crafted the ultimate 100% natural face wash. It provides not only an amazing clean but also moisturises and conditions your skin.

Love a daily effortless routine?

We recommend our two non-negotiables; Wash & Moisturiser

Here at Bloke & Co we want to make all Blokes life’s as easy as possible check out our effortless subscription right here you choose how often your auto shipment arrives so you never run out of your Daily’s  😎  

For our bearded blokes, use one of our Beard Oils or Beard Balms after washing. Or if you are a less hairy bloke try our Moisturiser.

Contains - Avocado oil, Sodium cocoate, Sodium sunflowerate, sodium chloride, Essential oils. Ingredients contain low molecular weight, which means it is absorbed readily into skin, providing incredible nourishment and moisturizing effects. 

Shake before use.

Do you have the proper tools to keep your Skin well groomed?

It doesn’t take much, but a good routine daily to keep your skin healthy. Show your skin some love with the best ingredients, the results will amaze you. Stay looking good, with bloke & co products made for the modern bloke. 

Bloke & Co provides New Zealand men a quality range of natural skincare. We create beard care and grooming products right here in Whangamata, New Zealand.

Here at Bloke & Co we always try to use local products, not only because they are the best, but we also like to support other NZ businesses!  


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