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Disinfecting Spray for Derma Roller

Disinfecting Spray for Derma Roller

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50ml /100ml

Run out of disinfecting spray for your derma roller?

Don't panic - you can now purchase our Bloke & Co Disinfecting Spray individually.

Keep your roller - and your face - squeaky clean!

50ml Isopropyl Alcohol $12.99

100ml Isopropyl Alcohol $19.99

Keep out of reach of children.


Please note - this is only the disinfectant. Please see here for the Dermaroller pack

Alternatively here is our most popular Growth Pack


Do you have the proper tools to keep your Beard well groomed?

It doesn’t take much, but a good routine and a boar bristle brush can be used daily to keep your beard growing strong & healthy. Show your beard some love with the best grooming tools, the results will amaze you. Stay looking good, with bloke & co products made for the modern bloke. 

Bloke & Co provides New Zealand men a quality range of natural skincare. We create beard care and grooming products right here in Whangamata, New Zealand.

Here at Bloke & Co we always try to use local products, not only because they are the best, but we also like to support other NZ businesses!  


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