Who We Are

Good stuff, for good blokes.

We know you love a bloody great beard.

We do, too. But we’re about so much more than that.

The beauty industry is so heavily swayed towards women, leaving blokes with sub-par choices: all-in-one products, average packaging, and an underwhelming customer experience.

We reckon blokes deserve more. Premium quality grooming products are the least we can offer.

Based in Whangamata, all our products are proudly made right here and dispatched out to you quick smart.


Meet Oli & Zoe - proud owners of this kiwi household staple brand.

While we’re not the founders of Bloke & Co, Oli is a long time customer and dabbles in beard-wearing often. While Zoe has a long background in hairdressing and women’s beauty. We truly believe that these products are the best out there for blokes! 

Bloke & Co is still a small family business - we reckon that’s all part of the experience and supporting local is important to us.

We’re stoked to be able to continue to offer the same premium mens skin and beard care products and great service you know and love, with more to come!



Bringing you premium products for beards and beyond, Bloke & Co are shipping their locally made products to blokes across the pacific.

We don't want you lathering that impressive beard with nasties that'll make you scratch, so we've worked hard to create a range of products full of good for you ingredients - almost all of them contain natural oils, butters and waxes.

But we're about more than beards. We know not all blokes are channeling their inner Chewbacca. If you're more of a smooth and hairless chap, you don't have to miss out on our epic mens care products.

Our range continues to expand as we cover:

  • Skincare
  • Colognes
  • Balms and Oils
  • And beyond!

Make the switch to Bloke & Co today and be one of the many happy customers who haven't looked back.

We hope you love your products as much as we do!

Oli & Zoe 

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