The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him 2021

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him 2021

When you're searching for a Valentine’s day gift for him, you’ll be wanting to impress. We’re here to help. Whatever kind of bloke he is, we’ll help you work out which gift is right for him.





The Blokey Bloke

Wish your man would take a little more pride and care, but he’s just too busy being...blokey?
Keep it simple for this guy. He doesn’t want a three-step skincare routine, he probably won’t even open those products.

We reckon he’d love:

Solid Cologne | Beard Wash | Mo Wax

Easy to apply products, no frills or fancy instructions, sleek and compact packaging.
Man wash. Man clean. Man smell good.

The Man in the Mirror

Ok, so your man is the polar opposite? The man who carries a mirror in his pocket, and a comb up his sleeve - just in case? (Did you sing that? We did.)

For the business dudes, the fashion dudes and the dudes who just love to invest in self care, you're gonna want to gift them something that makes them feel good. Something that contributes well to their routine.

We reckon he’d love:

Morning Glory | Mens Combo | Moisturiser

With carefully selected ingredients, these men’s grooming products will keep his skin smooth and beard well-manicured - just how he (and you, lover) likes it.

The Wild Thing

Does your Valentine have an unruly beard, no matter what he tries?
Tame those tangles with our wide range of products designed specifically for beard care.
A little oil and a little wax will ensure his pride and glory looks en-pointe, all the time. 

We reckon he’d love:

Beard Oil | Beard Balm | The Boss Set

Great beards are masterpieces. Treat them as such.

The New Man

Ooooh la la, your first Valentines together? Make your mark with a gift like no other.
You don’t want to come across too thirsty, but you want to show you care, and that you’ve thought about him. A tricky situation, but we’ve got solutions for ya!

We reckon he’d love:

Good Time Box | Spruce Up Set

Psssst. There's a lil sum'n sum'n in that Good Time Box to make your Valentines Day even more exciting.

The One

Think you’ve found The One? Whether you’ve been together a year or eighty years, make this Valentine’s Day one to remember - we’ve got the ultimate gifts for him. Spoil him - you know you want to.

We reckon he’d love:

The Ultimate Box.

It’s got allllll the things. He’ll be totally feeling himself, and you’ll be in the good books - we’re sure of it.

The I’m Not Sure?

Suck at gifting? Don’t know what he’d like? We’ve got gift cards, so he can choose for himself!

Let us know how you get on by tagging @blokeandco in your unboxing vids - we’d love to see his reaction!

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