Come Along | Why you NEED to start using lube.

Hey, Big Shot. This one comes with a potential NSFW warning, just a heads up.

We can make all the jokes in the world about lube, but at the end of the day, there’s no hiding the fact that this slippery little number serves its purpose in life.

There’s a big load of misconceptions about when, where, why and how someone might choose to use a personal lubricant. The fact is, it’s an experience enhancer.

At Bloke & Co we love the benefits, but not the nasties that come with some of the off-the-shelf lube options. That’s why when we created Big Shot, we worked hard to develop a lube with all-natural ingredients, and have it made locally.

Just Add …. Lube?

Lube’s for dry areas or ‘the road less travelled’ only, right? Wrong, dude. Wrong.

By all means, if things are not quite as moist (yep, we went there) as you’d like them to be when things are getting steamy in the bedroom, lube is your friend. A few drops in, on and around your entrances and you’ll be away laughing.

But it truly is a common misconception that this is the only reason couples might reach for that little bottle in the bedside drawer.

Lube reduces friction, meaning chances of injury during sex are slim. Nobody likes sore bits.

That’s not the only benefit of getting slippery:

  • It’s a pleasure enhancer - sensations are heightened, meaning potentially more intense orgasms - yay!

  • It’s ideal for anal play - this part of the body doesn’t lubricate well naturally, so prevent awkwardness and injuries by applying liberally during your off-road explorations

  •  Lube can prevent condoms from breaking, and make the sensation feel more natural - a win-win for both parties.

  • Rumour has it, using lube can help blokes last longer - prolonged playtime, if you will.

Nice and Natural

At Bloke & Co we’re all about keeping our products as natural as possible. We weren’t gonna go changing our ethos for our new lube, either.

Nobody wants nasties in their nether regions. There are loads of different types of lubes on the market - with oil, water and silicone bases.

Know your body and what you can tolerate - it pays to do a patch test before you dive in to your hanky panky time - burning bits would be a total horror story!

Always read the ingredients list on any product you’re planning to use with intercourse. These parts of our bodies are sensitive!

Slippery When Wet

When you’re not creating a slip ’n’ slide to slip inside, there are actually a bunch of other random uses for your lube.

Got a stuck ring you need to remove? Lube it up. Tangled necklace? Lube it. Overtightened screw? That’s right - lube.

Obviously you don’t want to be keeping it aside for these specific purposes (CRC is a household staple, team), but at least you know you’ve got an option if anything ever gets a bit stuck.



Come one, come all

Christmas is coming, and you could be too.

We’ve thought long and hard about all of the above, and created the ultimate gift for your bloke.

Our Good Time box doesn’t just have lube, we’ve added a luxe washcloth, solid moisturiser and some premium beard oil samples, so he’ll feel like a Big Shot in more ways than one.

Spruce up with the oils, then use the solid moisturiser as a massage bar to set the mood.

Get creative with your Big Shot lube for a truly epic sexual experience!

(We’ll let you decide what you need the washcloth for…)

With all that said, why wouldn’t you add a personal lubricant to your bedroom ‘must-have’ list? 

Good luck, fam.

Bloke & Co



Wanting to really set the mood? You’ll be irresistible with our solid cologne!

Please always practice safe sex and remember, consent matters.



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