Men's Skincare: The Why and The How

Smoother than a babies butt: Why skincare is important for men, too.


Skincare is a hot topic for woman on the regular, but does this mean it’s not something men should consider at all?
We call a hard no on that myth - there’s no reason why even the blokiest of blokes shouldn’t be looking after their skin. In fact, there are loads of reasons why mens skincare is important - particularly in New Zealand, where we spend so much time outdoors in an often harsh climate.


Look, we know we’re always banging on about keeping your beard mint, but the fact is there’s skin under there - and that’s just as important.
Not only is your face the first thing people see when they meet ya, it’s also your bodies largest organ and has a heap of responsibilities, such as keeping you safe from harmful external factors and regulating your temperature.

So why does mens skincare often get overlooked?
Regularly lumped into the ‘beauty’ industry, or focused primarily on facial hair, the handsome faces of blokes around the world are just not talked about as often.
We want you to look and feel your best, and that’s why even our beard care products contain naturally nourishing ingredients to avoid stripping your skin of its vital nutrients.


The Basics


Dry skin is super common, particularly with men. A daily routine can make a world of difference, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.

A simple wash - exfoliate - moisturise routine on a daily basis will hydrate and nourish your skin, making it softer to touch and brighter in appearance.


Good quality skincare products not only hydrate your skin, but can keep you looking younger for longer - nourished skin is healthy skin, and a youthful glow is not reserved for the girls.
You’ll also smell better for anyone who gets up close and personal...if that’s important to you, we reckon you should probably start now (side note, we’ve also got a bloody good cologne if you’re really looking to impress!)


If you want to take your facial regime up a level, you can add the weekly use of a derma-roller - an at home, micro-needling process that helps heal any damage to your skin, increases circulation, and helps to absorb beneficial oils and moisturisers. Studies have also shown regular use of a derma-roller to enhance beard growth, so if you’re trying to win the office mo competition, it’s a must-have!


If you work outdoors, you might like to add sunscreen or an SPF product to protect your face from harsh weather - that sun can do some major, irreversible damage which may not show up until later in life, so protect your (second?) best asset and slap on some protection!


The How-To

If you’re the kind of bloke that usually just lathers a soap bar on your face in the shower, we’re here for ya. Ditch the drying products and start a simple routine to keep your skin looking fresh, young and healthy. Here’s our Bloke & Co skincare routine created just for you NZ Blokes - simply add these steps into your daily routine and you’ll be away laughing.


  1. Cleanse.

    Grab your Bloke & Co Face Wash. Wet your skin, then lather up one or two pumps of our face wash and rub into your skin using circular motions with your fingertips. Don’t forget your neck!
    This removes dirt, oil and impurities from the surface of your skin.
    Rinse well and wipe away with a soft washcloth.
    If you’re particularly greasy and grimy, you might like to repeat the process.

  2. Pat dry.
    Use your
    derma roller (once per week) if you have one to stimulate your skin, working with light pressure in all directions across your face around ten times.

  3. Moisturise.

    Using either our Bloke & Co Oil or Solid Moisturiser, rub a small amount into your face, nose and neck for ultimate hydration. Best done immediately after washing for maximum absorption.
    We’ve got a few scents to choose from, and we promise they’ll keep you smelling blokey - in fact, feedback tells us they smell blimmin great!

  4. Repeat morning and night.

    Do this on waking and before you hit the sack every day for best results. That end of day routine is particularly important, guys - oil and grime will build up, blocking pores and causing congestion.

See, easy. We’re not here to complicate things guys, we just want you to look after yourselves.

All our products are made in New Zealand, and specially formulated for our conditions and lifestyle. We’ve sourced natural ingredients that do what they should - keeping you fresh and healthy without harsh chemicals or drying ingredients. Best of all, our mens skincare range is cruelty free. Always.
So if you’re not gonna do it for you, do it for the bunnies.



Ready to make the most of that face of yours? We’ve packaged it up nicely for ya.

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