Are you washing your beard correctly?

Are you washing your beard right? Common Beard Washing Mistakes

A solid wash routine is essential for a great beard - here’s why…

We get it. The old “she’ll be right” mentality means that you grab a bar of soap (no!) or a bottle of shampoo, quickly wash your beard and let it be. Yeah, nah. That’s just not going to cut it anymore!

A beard wash routine is an integral part of a mens skincare routine

You probably think we keep harping on about routines but the fact of the matter is, New Zealand men just don’t feel the need to take pride in their appearance or care for their face and beard and we think that’s a bit rough. Let us help you freshen up your beard routine and get you on the right track!
Have a read of these common beard-washing mistakes, and our tips for what to do instead…

Mistake #1: You’re Using Soap or Regular Shampoo to Wash Your Beard 

Put down that bar of soap, man. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. The harsh chemicals in soaps and shampoos are not meant to be used on your face. They can cause issues with your skins microbiome, and mess with the PH levels on your skin too. Have you ever felt itchy or experienced dry skin after a shower? It’s the soap

The artificial fragrances in your soap and shampoo will also be causing irritations that will be detrimental to your beard game. 

We suggest using something a little more gentle like the Bloke & Co Beard Wash. It’s a natural, New Zealand made product that will leave your beard feeling clean and fresh without the nastiness that goes along with soaps and shampoos. Unlike other soaps and shampoos, it’s extremely hydrating! No more beard itch for you. 



Mistake #2: You’re Not Using the Correct Water Temperature 

After a hard day of work or play, we totally understand the need for a hot (and if you’re lucky - steamy) shower. But when you’re washing your beard, it’s best to keep that water at a lukewarm temperature. Whether that’s in the shower or not - that is totally up to you. Basically, if the water is too hot, it can cause dry skin and if it’s too cold, your pores will not open.

Mistake #3: You’re Not Washing Your Beard Enough - Or Maybe You’re Washing It Too Much 

We know you New Zealand blokes like to keep things simple, so we’re sure you’ll like hearing this. 

One to two washes a week is perfect. Washing your beard too often will get rid of the essential oils your body creates for your beard. Not washing it enough can lead to oil and bacteria build up causing beard itch, skin irritations and a few funky smells. A bit of a turn off when you’re wanting to get up close and personal with someone.

Side note, if you are wanting to excite someone, we have a bloody killer cologne

Mistake #4: You’re Forgetting About Your Skin 

Use beard oil on your skin too, not only on your beard! The oil your skin produces goes towards growing the beard so you need to give your skin a bit of support. The beard oil will help your skin open pores and prevent beard dandruff. 

Well there you go. The right way to care for your beard is officially as easy as cracking open a beer. Your beard wash routine will now leave you with the most lusciously rugged beard in all of Aotearoa. 


With a few clicks, taps and overnight shipping, the Spruce Up Set will have everything you need to get started. Grab a drink, chuck on the tele and treat yourself, man. You deserve it!
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