We created beard products?!

We have heard this so many times in the weeks leading up to our launch. From the outside it probably does seem quite random, but give us a few minutes and we will explain!

Living in the current world we live in where 'everything is bad for you' and buying products can be done with literally a few clicks. We found ourselves questioning so many brands and their ingredients. Now having our wee Darcie aswell we have become more conscious about the fact so many products are produced in the cheapest versions they can be rather than the healthiest. So of course we do what we do best and create (another) brand. 

We have created a collection of products that will condition, treat, and stimulate growth. We make our products from natural ingredients that we source from a New Zealand supplier. Our supplier (when available) buys their products from New Zealand. Our ingredients are also organic (when available).

We DO NOT add water or any other filler ingredients. The ingredients in our products are in there because they are GOOD for you!

We wanted to create a brand that we could trust, and our customers could trust. 

So head on over to our products, you wont regret your purchase.

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