What kind of Dad do you have? Your Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

Dads are a funny thing. Some of them have beer bellies and pride themselves on bad jokes. Some of them wear suits and ties and like to read the newspaper. Most of them have stink arses. So what is it they all have in common, and why do we keep buying them socks and BBQ utensils as gifts?

We reckon your Dad deserves to feel good about himself this Fathers Day - even if he is stuck at home (thanks, pandemic). No matter who it is you call Dad - we’ve got you sorted this year.

The Dad Joke Dad

This guy loves a terrible joke. Punny or crude, the person who appreciates his jokes the most is...well...him. You laugh along too, but it’s his hearty, pleased-with-himself chuckle that’s usually the punchline - and you love him for it, cringes and all.

Beard? We think he’d love our Father’s Day Bearded Box. With everything he needs to keep his face-fuzz looking smart, this box is a total gem (p.s - free shipping!)

No beard? He’ll love opening the Men’s Combo. Simple yet effective with our signature Face Wash and Solid Moisturiser.

What happened to the man who was hesitant about growing a beard? It eventually grew on him.





The Grunt and Slurp

Doesn’t like admitting he has feelings? Loves a meat and three veg meal with a side of beer? Spends a lot of time mowing the lawns? Sounds like your Dad is a Grunt’n’Slurp.

It’s hard to know what to buy these dudes because when you ask them what they want they just...grunt.
Do better than beer. (Though if you are gonna give him some, we recommend the delish craft selections from our mates at Two Thumb.)

Beard? We recommend the Spruce Up Box. Not too flashy, but all the good stuff to make him feel a wee bit fancy for his next dinner down the tavern.

No Beard? Grab him a blokey Face Wash and pair it with our The Man Fathers Day Card.

Why did the man help his friends trim their facial hair? Because shearing is caring.

The “I Read About That” Dad

The Dad who can’t start a Sunday without a nosey of the Sunday Times. The Dad who has every kiwi sport captains auto-biography on his bookshelf. The Dad who helps with homework...a little too much.

We’ve got the perfect gift for him, too. Just let him know that our products are all NZ Made (Canterbury, to be exact) by a small business that started in 2016, and are made with good for you ingredients.

Beard or No Beard, we recommend The Ultimate Box. It has everything he needs to up his grooming routine, and lots of product labels for him to read.






The Suit

Business Dad - he dons a suit and tie daily to head to the office (maybe he skips the pants when he’s working from home). This busy Dad takes great pride in his appearance, and loves a cooked brekky - even if the coffees are usually left half full as he dashes out the door.

We think he’ll love the Fathers Day Box - goodies to keep him clean and smelling good without the need for a complicated morning routine.

What do you call a person who shaves 20 times a day and still ends the day with a beard? A barber.






If your Dad, step-dad, Grandad, husband, brother, or Father Figure don’t quite fit, you can mix and match your own gift from our full range of individual products - we’ll package it up sleekly for ya and get it couriered ASAP.

Does your Dad fit one of these descriptions perfectly? Tag us in a photo on social media of him receiving his gift to be in to win - we’d love to see!

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