The Benefits of Using Beard Oil

Whether you’ve got a beard Gandalf would envy, or you’re just starting your face-fuzz journey, a quality beard oil can make all the difference to the quality and condition of your beard or moustache. 

What is beard oil?

If you’re wondering what all the hype is about, we’ll break it down for ya. Beard oils are products designed to enhance and nourish both your facial hair, and the skin beneath it. Usually consisting of specially chosen essential oils blended with a carrier oil, blokes are encouraged to oil their beards at least daily for best results.

Style it Right

Beard oils can tame flyaways, taking your beard from bushman to smooth operator in a matter of seconds! A must for beard styling, massaging your oil of choice into your beard or mo right after washing it is best.

Improve Condition

Facial hair has a habit of drying out, and can appear brittle and fuzzy. If that’s not the look you’re going for, using a beard oil nourishes and hydrates your hair.

Your beard will look fuller, softer - and smell amazing! Our all-natural range of beard oils come in three aromatic scents.

Encourage Growth

If you’ve got your heart set on winning the next local Beard competition, you’ll be wanting to get that growth happening as fast as possible. Regular use of beard oil fosters and encourages beard growth over time. 

We did our research on this and created you a special blend - our Growth Oil is curated to help you grow the beard of your dreams!

Ryan says: This helped to keep my beard smooth and also promote growth is some patchy spots. It helped my beard!

Great for your skin

Say goodbye to itchy, flaky skin and enlarged or inflamed pores. Regular application of beard oil does wonders for your skin with it’s natural, conditioning elements. 

If you’re down for clearer, softer skin; smelling incredible, and keeping your facial hair on point - adding beard oil to your daily routine is an absolute must.

Still not convinced? Grab a twin pack of sample oils for less than $10 here.

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