Our Top 5 Stocking Filler Solutions

Stocking fillers he’ll be stoked with

Yikes, the 2020 tornado is coming to an end, and Christmas REALLY crept up on us.

Blokes are hard to buy for. Fact. 

Sometimes they’re not great at prioritising looking after themselves either - that’s why we created our range of natural, made in New Zealand mens skincare products way back in 2016.

Fear not, last-minute shoppers! Here are our top 5 single products that make perfect stocking fillers. No frills, no fancy words, just great gifts that will go down well with any bloke.

  1. Spruced Solid Cologne.

    A compact mens solid fragrance. Easy to apply, easy to take where ever you need a spruce up.
    This is a consistent best-seller and personal fave product - not only does it smell darn good, but a solid fragrance is a classy and environmentally friendly alternative to that spray in a black can your man’s been buying since 2002.


  2. Solid Moisturiser.

    No spills in the travel bag, and two appealing (but still blokey) scents to choose from.
    Our highly concentrated solid moisturisers offer long-lasting moisture and a subtle fragrance. Dry skin for men is so common but it is a simple fix with a daily dose of solid moisturiser. Using NZ beeswax, and natural butters and oils it locks in the moisture with GOOD FOR YOU ingredients.


  3. Beard / Face Wash.

    We know skincare regimes aren’t at the top of every blokes priority list. It’s ok, we’ve made it easy.
    Beard or no beard, we took a bunch of natural ingredients, and got some locals to whip up these beauties for ya.
    We created a couple of washes that have classy and simple packaging, no fancy 3-step systems, smell good and will leave men with skin - and beards - that turns heads.


  4. Reusable Coffee Cup.

    A sleek and stylish keep-cup for his daily caffeine dose (or chocolate, tea or miso - you do you). Everyone needs a keep cup - these are great for the morning commute, or any time of day.
    NZ tosses away 100 million one use cups a year and the final resting place of those cups are overcrowded landfills. This cup will be with you through hundreds of caffeine hits.


  5. Growth Oil.

    For the bearded folk, or those who wish to join the hairy-chin movement.
    We all know one or two blokes that struggle with producing some shade. Don't be that guy. Stimulate that beard growth with our oil.
    This oil has been specially created to assist in growth (and girth).


Whether the man in your life is one who takes great pride in his skincare, or he resembles someone who’s been lost for weeks in the bush - we’ve truly got you covered.

Shop the full range of single products here.

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